Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 80: The Champagne Reflection

Why is there still no way to buy an apartment flag?
  • Bill Prady wrote a brief article in remembrance of Carol Ann Susi
  • Press release for The Clean Room Infiltration (8x11)
  • We talk about The Champagne Reflection - The perfectness of the Shamy flashbacks, the underuse of LeVar Burton, who the real boss is, and more!
Remember to send us contributions for our Carol Ann episode! Favorite roles of hers, favorite BBT scenes, whatever you'd like.
Download here
Running time: 39:56,  18.4 MB

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  1. Carol Ann did have one line in the Prom Equivalency. She said, "Stewie, your bath is getting cold!" while Stuart was on the phone with Howard. I had to rewatch the episode to make sure IMDB was correct in listing her for the episode