Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 79: The Septium Deviation

Sheldon loooooves Leonard!
  • Carol Ann Susi passed away last week on Tuesday from cancer. There was a tribute at the end of this week's episode, and Kunal talked about her on his recent Ellen appearance.
  • Johnny Galecki has joined instagram! (Whaaaaat?)
  • Steve Molaro talks about the Shamy milestone from last week
  • Press release for The Champagne Reflection (8x10)
  • Instagram is pointing towards a Christmas episode
  • Jason Ritter talks about his childhood friendship with Simon Helberg, and "We'll Never Have Paris"
  • Our discussion of The Septium Deviation includes flailing over all the Shelnard, a listener email about Raj and his parents' divorce, and did we mention the Shelnard?
In a couple weeks we will do a tribute episode for Carol Ann, and we would love for you guys to submit your favorite Mrs Wolowitz scenes for us to include - or tell us your favorite role of hers outside of Big Bang Theory!

Download here
Running time: 46:00, 21.1 MB

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