Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 81: The Clean Room Infiltration

As Nicole is currently sick, I recorded this week's episode by myself.
  • Big Bang Theory picked up two SAG nominations
  • Leonard and Penny are one of EW's Power Couples of 2014
  • Laura Spencer talks about how Emily won Raj's heart
  • The cast and crew did a second flash mob last night! No video yet, only pictures
  • The Clean Room Infiltration - Was there a point to Mr Koothrappali being there? How surprisingly hilarious was the bird storyline? Isn't Bernadette's singing adorable? And of course, the Shamy!
Internet problems prevented us from recording our Carol Ann tribute episode last week, so that is now planned for the week of  December 28th. Still plenty of time to tell us your favorite Mrs Wolowitz scenes!

Download here
Running time: 29:26, 13.5 MB

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