Monday, May 20, 2024

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 265: The Irish Pub Formulation


  • We talk about recent Young Sheldon headlines, even though we're still not watching
  • Our episode discussion includes the introduction of Priya, trains, choose your own adventure stories, Leonard and Priya's terrible attempts to be sneaky, and more!
  • (We ran into some technical difficulties while recording, so apologies if any transitions seem abrupt!)

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Running time: 36:24, 22 MB

Monday, May 6, 2024

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 264: The Desperation Emanation

 Joy is not a joy.

  • Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff to discuss this week! Kaley's broken leg, last minute re-writes, losing Zack, perhaps the longest taping ever for the show... Plus our thoughts on Joy, meeting mothers, the fandom's feelings on Amy at the time, and more!

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Running time: 55:08, 33.2 MB

Monday, March 18, 2024

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 263: The Hot Troll Deviation

 "Was he an elephant?" "Well, no, he was a Snuffleupagus."

  • Young Sheldon spinoff has been ordered to series
  • Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik will be appearing on the Young Sheldon series finale
  • We take a break from our gossiping about the royal drama to discuss the return of Bernadette! How has Howard avoided her all summer? What exactly did he do with the troll? And what did we think was worse than the cheating? All this and more in our episode discussion!
  • The Billy on the Street video mentioned by Nicole is here (Go Jim Parsons or go home!)

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Running time: 52:07, 31.1 MB

Monday, March 4, 2024

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 262: The Zazzy Substitution

He's so... zazzy!

  • In a new interview, Johnny Galecki revealed he's married and has a second child! We talk about his move to Nashville, and what might have drawn him there
  • Our episode discussion includes a look at Counterfactuals, questioning when it's okay to criticize a friend's significant other, neurobiology vs theoretical physics, Penny's cut country songs, and more!
  • The "You're Wrong About" podcast episode on Yoko Ono mentioned by Nicole can be found here

Download here
Running time: 1:27:29, 52.6 MB

Monday, February 12, 2024

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 261: The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification

  • Kunal and Melissa were reunited on Night Court!
  • Our episode discussion includes the cons of living forever, which vegetables we like and dislike, why we don't love this episode, and more!

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Running time: 35:27, 21.4 MB

Monday, December 25, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 260: The Robotic Manipulation

We are SO digging the Shamy!

  • Kaley Cuoco was in a play, and our friend Laurence shared some details with us about seeing it
  • Kate Micucci recently had surgery for lung cancer, but has announced she's now cancer free!
  • Mayim will no longer be co-hosting Jeopardy
  • Our episode discussion includes wondering what Leonard and Penny's recent interactions have been like (plus a VERY awkward scene that was cut), Country Bear Jamboree, the start of Shamy, the many complications of IVF, Howard being Howard, and more!

Download here
Running time: 1:18:40, 47.3 MB

Monday, December 4, 2023

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 259: The Lunar Excitation

Introducing Zack and Amy! (0 Z, and 0 A)

  • We kick things off with a bit of general TV discussion, including British TV, streaming vs network, and waiting years for new episodes
  • Our episode discussion includes lots of gushing about Zack, Leonard and Penny being a mess on different pages, excitement over introducing Amy, and more!
  • The TikTok Nicole talks about can be watched here
  • Our recording may continue to be sporadic for a bit, but watch for updates on twitter!

Download here
Running time: 1:06:30, 40 MB