Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 74: The First Pitch Insufficiency

Viva la Pluto! (It'll make sense later.)
  • Promo pictures for The Hookup Reverberation (8x04)
  • Extra episodes will be airing on Monday nights for a couple weeks
  • Simon's movie "We'll Never Have Paris" now has a release date of January 2nd
  • Melissa and her husband sold a new TV comedy, "If We're Not Married by 30," to CBS
  • Kevin Sussman also sold a comedy titled "Wife of Crime" to CBS
  • We talk about The First Pitch Insuffiency - including Shamy's continued growth, Leonard's perfect mini-speech, why Bernadette was the episode's MVP, and Nicole's detailed opinions on the number 9
Download here
Running time: 51:46, 23.8 MB

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