Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 75: Hook-Up Reverberation & Focus Attenuation

Sorry about the unexpected week off, but we're back to look at both new episodes since our last podcast!
  • Promo pictures for The Expedition Approximation (8x06)
  • Howard's second cousin (yes, that cousin) Jeanie is showing up
  • Possible title for 8x07 - The Prom Equivalency?
  • In our episode discussions we go through why we thought last week's was subpar, why we thought this week's was amazing, and we utterly fail at remembering when Emily met Sheldon.
Download here
Running time: 49:33, 22.8 MB


  1. In the last pod you couldn’t remember when Sheldon had met Emily as Raj introduced her to the group. In The Gorrilla Dissolution, Raj and Sheldon ran into her at the movies and Sheldon worried over a facial blemish he thought was melanoma. Also you mused about Emily not liking Penny despite the Penny and Raj trist was years ago. Look at Emily’s behavior in the same ep at Raj’s apartment. She says that she would be jealous if she caught him out with another woman. Looks like she may have a little psychotic streak in her if not a little hypocritical tendencies. I think this will play out over the season as Raj has a pattern of finding women with psychological issues.
    Any predictions on how many Wil Wheaton appearances this season?

    1. As Roxanne was editing the podcast she messaged me I REMEMBER WHEN SHELDON MET EMILY NOW FACEPALM, haha. I would not have remembered it, though.