Sunday, July 6, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 67: Trivia Showdown

How well do you know Big Bang Theory? Play along as we quiz each other!
  • Jim and Maim each offer advice to their characters
  • The Big Bang Theory writers will be back at Comic-Con with a panel on July 25th
  • Mayim is recovering from hand surgery
  • Taping dates for the start of season 8 are up - the premiere tapes August 5th!
  • We quiz each other with trivia from all seven seasons
We're taking next week off from a new episode, so we'll be back in two weeks with our next podcast.

Download here
Running time: 41:20, 19.0 MB


  1. Episode 67: The itunes podcast only redirects you to a web quicktime that doesnt work past the 2 minute mark. Will you please resubmit to itunes podcast. Thanks. Love the podcast- I listen to it weekly.

    1. Sorry! I fixed the file in the original post that was causing the problem - it might take a bit for the update to process through iTunes though. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I really enjoy the trivia questions because you both come up with some great questions that I can think about myself before hearing your answers. So I would definitely enjoy another episode like this. I also wanted to say that while I haven't commented that much lately I still do listen to the podcast every week and appreciate the effort you put into making it.

    1. Thank you - we're glad you're enjoying it!