Sunday, June 29, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 66: Pilot Commentary

Trying something new this week - we watch the pilot together and give our own commentary!
If you'd like to watch the Pilot yourself as you listen to our commentary, we start the episode at 12:40. But we're hoping you still enjoy even if you listen to the podcast by itself! (There are a couple short lulls in the conversation as we watch, but we tried to avoid them, and will continue to work on that if we do more of these.)

Let us know if you'd like us to do more commentaries, and if so, which episodes!

Download here
Running time: 41:18, 19.0 MB


  1. Okay first of all: You did a good job with the commentary. Yeah and you can work on the lulls. That was your first audio commentary and nobody is perfect. What I also want to happen like you guys said is that Leonard will have beautiful babies with Penny, will win the Nobel price and he won´t die alone. And you observed it very well that we didn´t see Pennys kitchen in the pilot but maybe it was because she just moved it and the boxes with the parts for the kitchen got stucked downstairs because of the broken elevator *LOL* anyway I got some suggestions for some future episodes:
    - an episode about Kripke
    -. an episode about Leslie Winkle
    - an episode about the writers
    - comparing all the Season finales
    - comparing all the Season pilot episodes
    - Season holiday episodes (Christmas episodes, Thanksgiving epiosdes , Halloween episodes)

    Hope you like some of them. See you next week!

  2. I really loved the commentary, as always it was great and funny to listen to you and it was a good chance for me to rewatch the pilot :D
    As for future commentaries, maybe the season finales or episodes where special things happened (Penny says 'I love you', etc. )?

  3. Big bang buzzcast episode pilot commentary is also included here. We all are going to watch this new episode because we all are interested and want to see such commentary pages which are different from the older.