Monday, July 21, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 68: The Cooper-Hofstadter Bond

Because they're buddies and we love them.
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Running time: 45:32, 20.9 MB


  1. Thank you so much for your podcast. I listen to it each week and really enjoy it.
    I saw this in an article about one of my favorite shows (24) and thought that it was interesting that BBT beat 24 in ratings last week.
    It was the season (maybe series) finale of 24 on 7/14 and it was beat by a rerun of big bang. I think that the episode that showed on Thursday night 7/17 was either Thanksgiving Decoupling or Itchy Brain, but yet this article references the "strong" ratings for 24. Yay! Big Bang strong even in syndication.

    Thanks, Steve

    PS: On one of these slower summer episodes could you discuss some of the behind the scenes stuff. Like: what is a showrunner and why is he important? How did you and Nicole become friends and decide to start a podcast? what exactly does it mean to "ship" a couple? what are your personal opinions of molaro, lorre, prady, jim, johnny, kaley, mayim, kunal, simon, and melissa off screen, out of character, and off set? Thank you!

    1. I thought 24 was over in 2010, so wouldn't that be a rerun against a rerun? I could be wrong though, I never watched it. Thanks for the link and for the suggestions! We have answered a couple of those questions before in our earlier episodes, but I'm sure we can touch on them again!

    2. 24 was completed with 8 seasons in 2010, however this past summer they brought it back for a 9th season. (12 episode summer season)
      I was absolutely amazing. Fox said that this most recent season had good ratings, but still not good enough to beat an "itchy brain" rerun :)