Monday, August 12, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 24: Five Feet of Perfection

It's Bernadette's turn to shine! Do you know her life?
  • Big Bang Theory tied for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy at the TCAs
  • Will Leonard be having too much fun on the boat?
  • The (sadly little) we know about Bernadette's background
  • Discussing whether or not we should see her siblings, and our thoughts on her parents
  • Will Bernadette change her mind about having kids?
  • Gushing about the adorableness that is Melissa Rauch (watch these videos now)
Download here
Running time: 51:49, 23.8 MB

1 comment:

  1. After listening to all the talk about whose family we still really need to meet and who should come back I couldn't get the idea of Mary and Beverly both coming to Pasadena at the same time out of my head. I think it would be absolutely hilarious to see how both mothers interact with each other and what they would have to say about each other to the other characters.