Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 25: The Season Six Celebration

Rounding out our last season discussion (at least until next summer!), we discuss and compare our top five episodes from season six.
And Sheldon is up for next week's character discussion! Be sure to submit any questions or discussion topics you have for us!

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  1. I found it interesting that neither of you had an episode with Lucy in it in your top 5. Do you think the fact that she pretty much had to be with just Raj in her storylines (for the most part) took away from the episodes she was in? Did it change the dynamic of the show too much for you?

    And don't worry Nicole, you're not the only one who likes the Egg Salad Equivalency. I really enjoyed that episode, and the Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies scene was probably one of my favorite scenes from season 6!

    I'm loving this podcast, so keep up the good work!

    1. I actually noted as I made my list that none of my episodes included Lucy... I'm sure this is something we can discuss in our next episode!

  2. I`m happy that the next episode will be about my favourite character Sheldon Cooper so I`ve prepared some questions for you about him.

    1) What was your first impression of Sheldon? Did you think he´s a little quirky?
    2) Sheldon is a little indiscret sometimes does that bother you?
    3) People say that the color of Sheldons T-Shirt represents his current mood. Do you agree with that?
    4) Do you like the word "bazinga" or do you think its not cool?
    5) Could you imagine to live with him? Or would you prefer him as a neighbour?
    6) What do you think about the roomate agreement?
    7) Do you hope that he`ll win a nobel prize one day?
    8) Sheldon told Penny that Leonard made him (Sheldon) like her (Penny)and that it was a hard row to hoe for him (Sheldon). Do you agree with that comment?
    9) Sheldon wants the mom that Leonard has, but I think Mary Cooper is the perfect mom for Sheldon. Do you agree with me or Sheldon?
    10)Sheldon and Mrs Hofstadter really hit it off. I love their interactions. Do you?
    11) One of my favourite Sheldon moments is when Penny gave him the napkin which was signed by Leonard Nimoy (and yes I`m a fan of him too and I`ve seen him in 2005)
    12) Did you ever think that Sheldon would get a girlfriend one day?
    (I didn`t at first but as Amy came arround I gave her a chance and now I love the Shamy)

  3. PS: I forgot something for question 11:
    I wanted to ask what your favourite Sheldon moment was.

  4. No Love Spell Potential? :(

  5. Here are my questions about Sheldon

    1. Should Sheldon's Mee-Maw make an appearance on the show in the future and who do you think should play her if she were to make an appearance?
    2. Should Sheldon's sister Missy return and your reasons on why and why not should she return?
    3. Should Sheldon and Wil Wheaton be mortal enemies again?
    4. What was your first impression of Sheldon during the first episode you watched of the show?

    1. Thanks for the questions, but unfortunately we recorded our Sheldon episode last night! Maybe we can fit them in in a later episode though.