Monday, August 5, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 23: If We Find a Story

We're back, and spend the whole episode catching up on news from the past two weeks! Some highlights:
  • New board game – who’s messing with Sheldon’s stuff?
  • Our opinions on the episodes submitted for Emmy voting
  • hour
  • Regina King is returning, while Margo Harshman is cast on NCIS
  • Molaro gives us a lot to talk about as he teases the new season
  • Is Penny missing Leonard more than he misses her?
  • Sheldon and Penny will be growing closer, and we’re both excited
  • Will Quinto or Shatner guest star, or Newhart return? If they find a story… 
Next week will be all about our favorite microbiologist, so send any Bernadette questions or discussion topics our way!

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Running time: 44:48, 20.6 MB


  1. If Penny is like family................he can talk to her.

    Doesn't mean ALL women ...........or does it?

    1. Considering he couldn't even talk to Penny beforehand, they seem to be going with "he got his heart broken, and now he is capable of speaking to women" like he said in his monologue to the three girls at the end of The Bon Voyage Reaction. But like Molaro said, it doesn't mean he'll be good at it. I suppose that it will be a "in a manner of speaking" (oh gosh, that was not a pun!) type deal. But that's just my guess.

  2. So if Raj is out meeting women, Bernadette/Amy are on a trip, Sheldon/Penny are missing Leonard, and Leonard is on the boat, what do you think Howard is doing in this episode? My only guess is that the only storyline he could be in is Raj's, maybe giving him advice about how to talk to women (sort of like the Wiggly Finger Catalyst when Howard was with Raj was on a date with the deaf girl Emily).

    1. That was my guess as well - he'd be involved with Raj's storyline somehow.

  3. Hope its not too late for questions about Bernadette. So here they are:

    1) What was your first impression of Bernadette?
    2) Does her high voice annoy you?
    3) What do you think about her parents?
    4) Do you think Bernadette will change her mind about having kids?
    5) Do you prefer Mellissas real voice over her Bernadette voice?
    6) I`m such a Melissa Fan now I just love her! Are you two also such big fans of her now?
    7) Was it a surprise for you as Melissa admitted that she was a fan of the show before she joined the cast?
    8)One of my favourite quotes of her is from the Wildebeast Implementation where she screamed " It was an architect!" And I love it when she screames like Howards mum (Melissa is really good at this!) And I also loved her " I`m nice to everyone!" to Raj in the Season 5 premiere. What are your favourite quotes where you couldn`t stop laughing?

  4. I might be a little late for this comment about the Emmys but here it goes anyway. It is believed among the "experts" that submitting an episode in both series and an acting category helps the actor's chances. The problem with Mayim's submission last year is that she was barely in it and only had one big moment at the end. Most people think that she would have had a better chance had she submitted TIP not only because it was about her but because she had a drunk scene, which the Academy loves for some reason.