Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Submit your questions for the cast!

Very exciting news - next week on Wednesday I'll be interviewing the cast and producers of Big Bang Theory before their Paleyfest panel! Leave a comment below if you have any questions you'd like me to ask them!

There are still tickets left if you'd like to attend the panel yourself - you can buy them here.

And a quick podcast note - the past few weeks have been busy for both of us, but we're planning on recording this weekend to catch up!


  1. Hey Roxanne! Congratulations on the opportunity to interview the cast.

    I'd like to ask each member of the cast what was their favorite scene to film this season? Also, I'd like to ask where they want their characters to be at the end of the show/season. Like, what's their endgame for them? Also could you ask them what their favorite quirk/weird habit/ritual of one the cast members is. Could you also tell them Mabuhay from the Philippines and that we also love the show here. Thanks Roxanne and have fun at Paleyfest!

  2. I’d like for the cast but particularly Kaley, to respond to the question: “Why hasn’t William Shatner made an appearance on the show?”…with deference to LeVar and Mr. Nimoy, none of the five Starfleet captains has made the show, “Why not?”

  3. For the whole cast: “Is the 10th season the last lap around the track?”

  4. Aloha!

    I would love to see Sheldon in his awesomeness struggle with the following premise and conclusion:

    The scientific law of information states all information always comes from an intelligence. Our genetic code (ATCG) is genetic information. Therefore, all species with DNA were created by an intelligence.

    So Sheldon, how does it feel that your mom knows something about science that you did not know?

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