Monday, March 14, 2016

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 111: The Positive Negative Reaction

We're finally back! We also recorded a podcast for episode 200 over the weekend, so that should be up later this week.
  • Paleyfest is coming up soon - there's still time to submit your questions for the cast!
  • The full cast performed a medley from Grease at the final "A Night at Sardi's" fundraiser
  • The writers will be at Silicon Valley Comic Con on March 20th
  • Ausiello confirmed that Shamy's only slept together the one night - and Leonard and Penny are in no rush for a baby of their own
  • Will season 10 be the last? Not if Kaley and Jim get their way
  • You can watch the Big Bang Theory segment of the James Burrows tribute here - and the opening that featured both Jim and Johnny is here
  • It's hard to go wrong in an episode that features so much singing, right? We talk about all the awesome karaoke, everyone's reaction to the baby news, and the two lines that kept the episode from being just about perfect.
Download here
Running time: 44:24, 20.4 MB

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