Monday, December 21, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 106: The Opening Night Excitation

Shamy found out things together and it was beautiful.
  • Big Bang Theory hit their highest ratings since the season premiere
  • Shamy and Star Wars and Proton and Wheaton - so much to love this week! We talk about that perfect episode opening, Sheldon's character growth, whether this conflicts with viewing Sheldon as asexual, and much more!
  • And be sure to check out Mayim's behind-the-scenes details about the episode here!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! We'll be back in January once Big Bang Theory is back with a new episode.

Download here
Running time: 51:20, 23.6 MB


  1. Really enjoyed this episode of Buzzcast. Considering the earth-shattering nature of the events in the episode, you both handled the discussion very evenly. I particularly appreciated the scene-by-scene analysis, and the inclusion of the "B" plot with the guys going to see the movie. It would have been so easy to concentrate just on the last few minutes, but that would be a disservice to what was an excellent episode from start to finish, with many fall-on-the-floor funny moments. I also really liked the discussion of Sheldon's sexuality and where he most likely falls on the sexuality spectrum; how it plays into his decision to have coitus with Amy and how it affects his enjoyment of it, and his immediate decision to do it again - eventually.

    It's obvious that the girls know and the guys don't. It's also amazing that neither Penny nor Bernadette spilled the beans to their spouses. I loved your speculation that Raj should repeat his "Shut your ass!" reaction when he finds out, but I'd also love to hear how you think Leonard and Howard will react to the news.

    Glad to hear you got your ComicCon approval!

  2. I agree that this episode doesn't contradict previous ideas about Sheldon's sexuality. Personally Sheldon getting a girlfriend did much more to change my preconceptions about Sheldon's sexuality then this episode did. Also I had the same thought about Raja bringing "SHut your ass" back. I would not be at all surprised if this happens. I'm also in total agreement that this is the best episode of Season 9 thus far.