Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 92: The Premiere Positioning

We're kicking off the summer hiatus with a look at all of the season premieres, and how we rank them least to most favorite!
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Running time: 1:10:04, 28.0 MB


  1. Hi girls!
    Nice podcast.
    Some suggestions for upcoming hiatus-podcast episodes:
    - Season 8 overview with your Season 8 Top 5 episodes (whenever you´re ready for it)
    - Season 9 wishes
    - Comic Con 2015 (hope at least the writers are there)
    - The Big Bang Theory crackships(Bernadette/Leonard, Penny/Zack)

    One quetstion about the tenure(I seriously want that to be revealed): Who should get it and why? (nominated are Sheldon, Leonard and Raj)

  2. I never really felt like Amy's character development as far as physical intimacy with Sheldon made very much sense. I feel like she very abruptly decided that her main goal in life should be having sex with Sheldon. Where as not too long before that, she seemed (To me) to have pretty much the same feelings as Sheldon about physical contact. Anyway, I definitely sympathize with Sheldon on that issue. Amy knew what Sheldon was like going in, and if that is such a problem for her, than they probably should have broken up before now. I agree that it looks like they are going to end up working their problems out, though.