Monday, May 11, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 91: The Commitment Determination

Nothing but finale discussion! We get very critical. (Spoiler alert: We're not happy.)
  • Molaro talked about the finale here with The Hollywood Reporter
  • Raj chickens out and becomes the first of many disappointments
  • We read some finale reactions from Fanforum Shamy shippers, and talk about why we thought Amy's decision was out of character
  • Why we think Leonard cheating is just plain stupid
  • Howard and Bernadette were good though. Props to them
Download here
Running time: 1:02:08, 28.5 MB


  1. Hi girls! I was wondering what you would think of the finale, and I was correct in thinking you'd feel burned by it. I have to admit, as much as I don't want to see Sheldon and Amy go through a break/break-up, I do think there are some interesting plots that can come from it (as long as they get back into a good place as soon as possible). And while my first reaction to finding out that Amy asks for space was that it made no sense for a break to come now when Amy has dealt with far more frustrating behavior from Sheldon, one of my friend's relationships similarly faced a roadblock upon entering a milestone anniversary, which gave me some perspective on what ways Amy is probably looking at her relationship. I'm sure the anniversary has made Amy reflect - she's probably been thinking about whether she's getting what she wants out of it - and what those wants really are. All of that being said, I would not take back the last 30 seconds of the episode. I have been hoping forever for Sheldon to propose, so when I saw that ring I realized my wishes all this time aren't so far-fetched after all.

    I feel like both ships had a hard break with this finale, but while a break up in theory should be worse, I actually feel worse for Leonard and Penny fans because cheating is a major shakeup that makes me question their foundation. So immediately I thought of you girls, and I'm hoping you can prevent this setback from spoiling your love for this ship!

    As a suggestion for other topics for the podcasts, since you've done a ranking of the season finales, I think ranking the season premeires might be interesting. I'm also always interested in finding what moments BBT fans find overrated and underrated, so I'd love to hear your perspectives on that as well!

    Take care!

  2. I was Wondering That Why the writers Have gone to such an extend to just for a sake of Creating a Season Finale Cliff Hanger . The Writers Just make us Dislike the Pairing Of Leonard And Penny .We Just hate Leonard for Cheating on Penny.
    I just wonder if The writers had gone a different way . They could have also Left us in a cliff hanger with any other story keeping us shiping the couple in the same way. The could have gone with this storyline . On the way in the car leonard might feel uneasy and uncomfortable on the way to vegas because he would think penny and zack would have also been married the same way. This Could also be a cliff hanger with will they or wont they get married.
    But the Cheating Angle Just spoiled a really good season for me !!
    - Harsh Sanghavi (