Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 63: The Twitter Discussion

It may be the start of the hiatus, but there's still lots to talk about!
Next week we'll each share our top five episodes of season seven - send us your top fives too so we can compare!

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  1. "Shipping relates to your IQ". This made me laugh really hard. I guess you learn something new everyday.

    Also I've come to terms with the HIMYM finale and have accepted it for what it is, but I will always ship Ted and the Mother.

    As always thanks for entertaining me. :)

  2. For me, the 7th season of the Big Bang Theory was a disappointment. Too few highlight reel scenes, episodes you list as ‘notable’ and expect to become “classics” of the canon…there were significant events like the proposal, the death of Professor Proton, Sheldon’s science blunder and Leonard’s refutation of that finding that caused the appearance of NPR host Ira Flato from Science Friday, Raj getting laid, Stewart losing the comic book store!…all these should have amounted to a rich, full season but it did not play out as such!

    For the first time, the sum was less than the parts and many of the scenes just seemed like our favorite characters were going through the motions because the content was not on the page.

    Here are my “favorite” 7th season episodes:
    1.The Raiders Minimization - The Penny “programming” and Amy’s observation on “Raiders of the Lost Ark” were classic-level items but the other material? Not so much!
    2.The Status Quo Combustion – This episode had the hallmark BBT elements, humor, empathy and sweetness…someone in the writing room was “on” for this one.
    3.The Proton Transmogrification – The cake in the kitchen sight gag? Priceless! There was a review of the episode that said that Bob Newhart would become a regular cast member…will we see him next season?
    4.And...I’m out…I stop at three…not good!

    Things that IMHO did NOT work as expected:
    •The mommy sighting because it was never connected to anything that occurred later, such as, in the summary of the things that changed in Sheldon’s life that made him go walkabout.
    •The Zack and Penny marriage…if it was supposed to show how ‘mature’ the Leonard/Penny relationship had become, it did not and it wasn’t funny!
    •Raj’s recovery from his trauma inhibiting him from talking to women – magically, it went away and too few humorous lines ensued…I preferred the whispering through Howard.
    •The Convention Conundrum - Perhaps by the eighth watching, I’ll enjoy this one more but for now? Not even James Earl Jones made this one do it for me…
    •The “kiss”…even on a train, it was passionless and hard to watch…not the joyous release I hoped for just for Amy’ sake!
    •The Scavenger Hunt represents the characteristic I identify most with this season…great possibilities not well developed that felt rushed, isolated and superficial.

    I know some will just dismiss me as a BBT ‘hater’…but I watch more BBT on Blu-Ray and in syndication than I care to admit and I still laugh out loud at them. There were good things, Raj and Emily look promising, perhaps Sheldon ‘evolves’ a ‘new’ persona that we will love as much as the dysfunctional man we already love so much, maybe Penny and Leonard are going to be a Rob and Laura Petrie style couple with razor edged humor…Please, do not make Penny an alcoholic.

    My opinion is that, this season, there were too few of the moments we expect from this show...72 episodes to go!