Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 49: The Locomotive Manipulation

Discussing the momentous Valentine's Day episode!
  • Bob Newhart is returning soon to The Big Bang Theory
  • Kaley hopes that marriage is in the cards for Leonard/Penny, and talks about more proposals and living arrangements
  • Next year CBS will be airing Thursday night football - what does that mean for Big Bang? Well, lots of articles have opinions...
  • We break down The Locomotive Manipulation, including how solid Leonard and Penny currently are, our first impressions of Yvette, and of course, the kiss! (And what Jim and Mayim each had to say about it!)
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Running time: 1:09:43, 32.1 MB


  1. Great episode. About topics for episode 50: What about listing your top 5 or 10 best scenes ever or best quotes in the show? It could be fun.

  2. I enjoy your discussions on the development of the characters a lot...I wonder how you all feel about this topic: "Who will get pregnant and what will that do within the dynamic of this ensemble?"
    I personally think that the least disruptive and most interesting possibility is Sheldon and Amy deciding to conceive a child, invitro or otherwise...they are both unconventional, stable in their careers and the management of the circumstance could have almost endless comedic possibilities...
    Anyone can see from the canon of Shamy's relationship that they are in a very special relationship, and that a pregnancy for them would be a declaration of commitment that only they could make...imagine the "pregnancy contract" negotiations, the relocation of the principles in anticipation of the birth...the reactions of the collective from the couples to Raj to Stuart...would they decide to maintain separate living arrangements?...what would they name him or her? ANYTHING could happen and it would be like nothing before in the history of television sitcom! Your thoughts?

    1. I agree that Amy and Sheldon conceiving a child would lead to almost endless comedic possibilities; but would it be fair to the child? I would think that the child would later need extended therapy to survive his parents - like Leonard struggling to survive his mother's treatment of him. A child of Amy and Sheldon would need to navigate the perilous waters between Scylla and Charybdis.

    2. Nice Odysseus reference! One form of comedy occurs when story hits a little too close to home or is too real. The dysfunctional nature of the inexperienced but well-intended parent is the story of everyone’s journey to adulthood where we attempt to ‘fix that’ by becoming the parent. Despite all we know, we do not pre-qualify anyone to become pregnant. I think that the Shamy journey could model that and be the catalyst for both comedy and the invention of maturity through discovery by the principles…the question is: Do Jim, Mayim and the writers want to represent that kind of transformation for these characters?

  3. For the show: Regardless, I'm still going for John Goodman as Leonard's father ("Rosanne" link or not). Goodman is a terrific actor and would do well on the show.

    Happy Valentine's Day, girls!