Monday, February 3, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 48: The Convention Conundrum

Darth Vader hanging out with Sheldon - what's not to love?
  • Casey Sander and Mike Massimino will both be back soon
  • Kaley's episode of Hollywood Game Night airs February 3rd
  • We answer a listener question about avoiding spoilers for Big Bang Theory
  • Our thoughts on The Convention Conundrum - including scrutinizing the accuracy of the Comic-Con ticket situation, excitement over James Earl Jones, and how we would have changed the ending
Also a note on the past couple of episodes - we've gotten a few comments about Nicole being hard to understand. She was recording on a new laptop (due to issues with her old one), and for some reason the audio wasn't coming out as clear. This week she was able to record on her old laptop, so it's back to normal. We're not sure how long her old laptop will keep working, but we'll do our best to figure out the sound issues.

Download here
Running time: 1:04:06, 29.4 MB


  1. Sounded 1000x better ��

  2. Thank you for answering my question so thoroughly. I enjoy speculating as well. I've spent the last week thinking about what "table" is. :)

  3. I think Nicole sounded better in comparison to the past couple of episodes.

    And, ever since Nicole sounded off on her wish for Lisa Kudrow to be cast as Penny's mom, I've been thinking about Leonard's father... We've seen Sheldon's mom, Raj's parents, Howards' mom (sort of), Bernadette's parents, Penny's dad and Amy's mom... And I remember the episode where Leonard's mother tells him she is leaving his father... The Leonard/Penny wedding episode is inevitable, and there's no one I think would be more perfect as Leonard's father than John Goodman. Leonard's father would be a professor (or someone really smart, like the rest of his family), John Goodman is a real terrific actor, and there would be another link to Rosanne. I don't know about anybody else, but I think this would be perfect, and would love to see him in the wedding episode sitting alongside Ms. Baranski, whoever played Penny's dad, and Lisa Kudrow.

    1. We don't really have any strong preferences on who would play Penny's dad (and personally I think we've had enough links to Roseanne already), but we do already know he's an anthropologist.

  4. The February 27th episode will be called "The Table for Polarization"