Sunday, October 6, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 32: The Scavenger Vortex

New favorite Big Bang Theory episode? We think so.
  • Ratings for 7x02 came in at 18.22 million
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy (Bill! Bill! Bill!) will be on an upcoming episode as a rival to Professor Proton!
  • E! Online teases a dream sequence for Sheldon, and TV Guide gives us news on Shamy
  • Kaley was on The Voice cheering on her sister Bri
  • We talk about our favorite parts of Scavenger Vortex... which is basically every single scene
  • Listener question - what's the worst thing the show could do at this point?
  • A quick look at the promo for The Raiders Minimization (7x04)
Download here
Running time: 57:07, 26.2MB


  1. Thanks for answering my question. I have to agree that Sheldon and Penny together would definitely be the worst thing to happen to the show. I had never considered it to be even remotely possible, so that's why I overlooked it. I loved the Scavenger Vortex and like you both would probably have quoted every line. The bird line made me crack up as well as the "your kid may be an honor student, but you're a moron".

    My next question is mostly for Roxanne, but Nicole can answer too since I think she has been to one taping. Does it bother you that you don't go to as many tapings as you did before? When it comes down to it, do you prefer to sit and watch a new episode that you were at a taping for or to sit and watch a new episode that you were not at a taping for? Thank you for keeping me entertained and my excitement level for Raiders Minimization is pretty high right now! :)

  2. Hello girls,
    I was watching some BBT behind the scenes stuff on youtube and guess who I saw in this video at the :50 mark-

    So cool! :D

    1. What's either impressive or sad is I knew exactly what video it was just by "at the :50 mark."

    2. I'm going to guess you meant this video?

      But yeah I still kinda can't believe that happened. (And impressive, Nicole. Impressive.)

  3. Oops, yeah, that's the video I meant! Were you freaking out the first time you saw it? I freaked out a little and I don't even know you lol

    1. I know I was freaking out! Roxanne had told me that she was interviewed so we were both really hopeful that it would be on there!

    2. Ha, I'm sure my heart was racing quite a bit! I guessed there was a pretty good chance I'd be somewhere in it, because of how long they talked to me, I just didn't know when.