Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 31: Hofstadter Insufficiency & Deception Verification

The show is finally back, and we've got lots of news and two awesome episodes to dig our teeth into this week!
And did we mention we're excited for this week's scavenger hunt?

Download here
Running time: 1:01:49, 28.4MB


  1. I'm glad you both got as much joy at reading Melissa's tweets as I did. Her mom sounds hilarious. I loved the one about Melissa drinking water on set because she's a lightweight. :) I wondered if you noticed in the first scene at Bernadette and Howard's apartment in the second episode you can see in the background the little Bernadette doll from the Cooper/Kripke Inversion. I couldn't see Howard's doll and thought it would be funny if Bernadette made him throw away his but keep hers. My excitement for the next episode is extremely high and I don't plan on being disappointed. Also thank you both for being spoiler free because if you weren't, I would not listen. :)

    1. The Howard doll is there too! I've definitely seen both of them since the episode they were made in.

  2. Hi girls, first of all I want to tell you I really enjoy listening to you every week, your podcast is brilliant.
    Do you think maybe you could make an episode with your favorite behind-the-scenes moments, from when you attend tapings? I'd love that.
    Thanks, cheers

  3. Happy Thursday! My question is what do you think is the worst thing that the show could do? For me, it's if they got rid of Amy and brought a new girl and tried to make us believe the new girl was perfect for Sheldon. I'd love to know your opinions on your worst case scenario.