Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 29: Bloopers and Ships and Raj

This week we discuss all of the extra features on the newly-released season 6 DVD set of Big Bang Theory! (If you haven't seen them yet, you can find them on youtube here.) Some highlights of the episode:
  • Our excitement about Beverly coming back!
  • Promo pictures for episode 7x02
  • We share our favorite bloopers from the DVDs (plus one that didn't make the cut)
  • Why we're glad that Shamy didn't kiss in The Tangible Affection Proof
  • Johnny and Kaley's interview leads Roxanne to a realization that makes Nicole very happy
  • Howard and Bernadette against the world is awesome - and we want more
  • How Kunal's interview could have been better if they'd done it one day later (and included Cinnamon)
Download here
Running time:  1:19:52, 36.6 MB


  1. Another great episode guys. :) Keep it up!

    You've done episodes for each main character, each season, and the parents, and you guys mention the possibility of doing a Zack episode quite a bit from episode to episode. If you're still stuck for ideas, how about an episode or two about ALL the recurring minor characters? (Zack is my favorite as well, so you should definitely do him first. "He thought you were going to blow up the moon!")

    Zack Johnson
    Stuart Bloom
    Leslie Winkle
    Barry Kripke
    Dr. Gablehauser
    Dr. Stephanie

    Another idea would be to do an episode about all of your favorite cameo appearances by people playing themselves!

    The Great & Powerful Woz
    Anyone from Star Trek
    Neil Tyson
    Stan Lee

    The list goes on and on there!

  2. I really enjoyed your discussion about the Shamy interview. I'm a hardcore Shamy shipper and the way you explained their relationship was so perfect. I for one, don't care that there was supposed to be a kiss in the Valentine's Day episode. I've never been frustrated with their relationship and will continue to enjoy their journey together however long it takes.

    Also I've never really cared that much about Lenny. I don't hate them together, I just don't really care if they are or if they are not together. But after listening to a bunch of these podcasts I think I might be starting to turn around. :) And I think I agree that Penny proposing to Leonard would be the best thing. Just like I want Sheldon to say I love you to Amy first because Amy deserves it, I think Leonard deserves to have Penny propose to him.

    I have not listened to all of these so I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty sure this is my favorite episode.

    1. Everything you have said is just so good to hear! :) I think this was my favorite episode to do; I said as much to Roxanne when we were done with it.

    2. I'm especially glad to hear you enjoyed the Shamy discussion! Sometimes I worry that they get a little neglected on our podcast.

    3. I actually enjoy listening because you don't talk about Shamy all the time. I like listening because I get to listen to a different perspective of the show from big Lenny shippers. It's funny I listen to the episodes where you talk about you favorite episode ones and I'm like dang they missed all the good episodes. Then I remember that's just because Lenny episodes aren't my favorite and my favorite character is Amy.

      You could do if you haven't already an episode on each ship. Shamy, Lenny (probably would need to be broken down into two for you guys :)), Howard/Bernadette, Raj/Cinnamon.

  3. Wonderful episode as always.
    The DVDs are not available in my country yet. I could order the UK DVDs but I already have the first 55 Seasons on DVD with the German version (I only use it for the subtitles because of all the technical terms in the show you know all those pyhsics things I`m not always fammiliar with )
    Episode 17 will air tonight in my country so they´re done on November 4th and the DVDs will be relased next year. But I can wait. I already watched the extras on youtube and I loved them all. You lucky girls don`t have to hear the horrible german voices of Amy and Bernadette. (they have choosen the wrong persons for the german voices I can tell you its hurts when I have to listen to those voices) Leonards voice is too high in german and Kripkes voice too weird...*shudder* So I never watch the show in German. The original version is always the best. Don`t google for any German version Big Bang Theory videos I swear you`ll hate the voices.
    But: Friends sounds good in German and also does How I Met your Mother. Its surprising. I mean I know the orginal version of Friends and its a little funnier than the german version but the German version doesn`t suck.

    1. Whenever I see clips of TV shows or movies dubbed over, it's always extremely weird to hear the different voices... Now I kind of want to look up the German version just out of curiosity!

  4. Oh no please don`t do this *LOL* (lookung up the German version)
    Howards mom doesn`t sound so funny in German as she sounds in the orginal version. I can tell you thats really disappointing.
    I just found out that the German DVD box of Season 6 will be released on November 22nd this year. *happydance*