Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 28: The Maternal Sextet

We've gotten at least a few requests for this, so today's main discussion is all about the mothers of Big Bang Theory!
  • Check out the S6 DVD extras on youtube
  • TV Line has some teasers for the start of the new season, and we discuss the upcoming scavenger hunt episode quite a bit
  • Paley Center ranked Big Bang Theory #15 on their TV's Funniest of the Funniest
  • Johnny Galecki is co-producing a new TV show
  • A short promo for 7x01 has surfaced!
  • We discuss our favorite moments with all of the mothers (well, the ones that have a personality)
  • What casting choice would make Nicole put on giant Hulk hands? Listen to find out!
Download here
Running time: 57:50, 26.5 MB


  1. Your podcast entertains me while I do my math homework. Thanks for taking my advice on saying when you record. Mary Cooper has always been my favorite but I love when Mrs. Koothrappali calls Priya and says there's a tornado in Kansas, is that near you.

  2. you two really made my day! :) "don't stare at me!"-- Nicole and that was when Rox was looking at a blank screen... :) haha! :) i'll wait for Rox's payback... :)

    i love this episode and so are all your episodes! :) YAY for next week's topic! :)

    PS... woah! that's a lot of smiley's and exclamation points... see how happy i am... :) thanks you two! :)

    ♥♥♥ -- Harriet

  3. Love you podcast, but sometimes you speak in codes! What the hell is ship? Must be a young person thing lol.

    1. A "ship" is another word for a pairing. Saying we "ship" Leonard and Penny means we are rooting for them to be together. The term originated with Mulder/Scully fans (The X Files)and it gained popularity quickly. It evolved from "relationshipper", as in "I am in favor of their relationship, so I am a relationshipper." As early as 1996 it was known well enough to be referenced in internet articles without background information as to what the term meant, and shipping is largely responsible for the beginnings of fandom itself.

      So if we 'ship' something, it means we are rooting for it. If we 'don't ship' something, we don't root for it. If we 'anti-ship' something, it means we actively do not want it to happen (so like Roxanne and I would anti-ship Sheldon and Penny). A lot of the time, just to sound more diplomatic, people who anti ship something will say "I don't ship it" rather than "I anti-ship it" to avoid "ship wars" which are fights between shipper groups that usually occur because they ship the same character, but with different people (like, from How I Met Your Mother, the people who want Ted with Robin and the people who want Barney with Robin, or within the TBBT fandom, Sheldon/Penny & Leonard/Penny and Sheldon/Penny & Sheldon/Amy.)

      A "crack ship" is a pairing that sounds good in our heads, or amuses us to think about, but that we don't actually want to see (like how I crackship Leonard and Bernadette; I love thinking about it, it makes me giggle, but if it ever happened it would turn into an anti-ship fast.)

      Characters that people ship a LOT can also be called an OTP, or a "one true pairing." Now, if you want to potentially get confused, read on, because there are many different definitions of OTPs. Some people call everything they ship an OTP. Some people, if they ship say all three canon (canon meaning actually existing on the show) couples on TBBT but Sheldon/Amy is their favorite, then Sheldon/Amy is considered by them to be an OTP whereas Leonard/Penny and Howard/Bernadette are just 'ships'. I'm a little more strict on what I'll call an OTP - my OTPs are above and beyond my feelings for most of my ships - I ship all three canon couples on TBBT, but only Leonard/Penny is an OTP. I ship multiple things on How I Met Your Mother, but none are OTPs. I'm not exactly sure how Roxanne defines it, but everyone is different.

      Hope that helped clarify...if you ever get confused in the future, because we do talk in "fandom lingo", Google can answer most of your questions. If you find it lacking, feel free to ask us. :)

  4. Amazing answer, now I'm not so confused��. You both do a great job, I'm glad I found this podcast

  5. wow-nicloe that was a great answer.
    i even learn little more about the ships.
    thank you