Sunday, July 7, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 20: The Season Five Triad

Moving through the seasons, we discuss and compare our favorites from season five!
  • More details on the upcoming writers' panel at Comic-Con
  • Predictions that Big Bang Theory will win Best Comedy at the Emmys this year
  • Going through our top 5 of the season, plus a few honorable mentions
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Running time: 1:24:48, 38.9 MB


  1. Kinda silly thing to do for comic con. Its the cast we care about

    1. I guess they couldn't be there because of their summer schedules. Still glad I didn't decide to shell out the money to go, though.

  2. Okay here are my questions about Amy as promised:

    1) What was your first impression of Amy? Did you like her right away?
    2) Did you know Mayim from another show before you watched The Big Bang Theory (for example from Blossom) or do you only know her from the Big Bang Theory now?
    3) Could you imagine to live with someone like Amy or would you prefer her as neighbour or friend who lives some blocks away from you or in another town?
    4) Do you like Amys jokes or do you think some of them are a little too naughty or not funny enough?
    5) Do you think Amy is the female version of Sheldon?
    6) What you think about Amys mother?

    PS: You talked about the funny end scene of the episode "The Beta Test Initiation where Amy and Sheldon were dressed up so funny she as a pretzel and he as a bavarian. I laughed about that scene (and I`m German) and I think their German was funny and amusing and I don`t blame them for little mistakes. I loved Sheldons " Guten Tag das Youtube " (which means " Good afternoon the youtube" so " Good aftertoon youtube" sounds better IMO) *LOL* well that was a little wrong *hahaha* without the word " das " (we have three articles in the German language: der, die and das and you lucky people have just one: the. ) it would have been correct. And I thoght Sheldon is a genius *LOL* Anyway: TBBT is a comedy series and I don`t take everything too serious I see there and I enjoy watching it.

  3. There is a little spelling mistake in my comment I wanted to write afternoon not aftertoon but you know what I meant.

    Loved the Season 5 epsiode. I only had one episode with you in common in my Top 5 (and it was hard to pick only five episodes) and that was the 100th episode.

  4. Do you think the writers meant for Amy to become part of the main cast from the very beginning, or that developed that way over time?

    Also, I find Amy to have changed alot from when she was first introduced... She used to be much more like Sheldon, but now is becoming more like the girls. Which do you prefer?