Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 19: Your Ken Can Kiss Her Barbie

This week it's Penny's turn in our character discussions! Some highlights of the episode:
  • Big Bang Theory earned 10 Golden Europe TV Award nominations
  • We have a new DVD cover, but sadly no new pictures
  • Favorite Penny moments and lines
  • Is it a slight to Penny's character that she still has no last name?
  • We share our first impressions of Penny, whether we'd want her as a roommate, who should play her mom, and much more
Download here
Running time: 1:02:36, 28.7 MB


  1. Wouldn't it be funny if Rosanne Barr played Penny's mom? lol

  2. love the show
    2 lines from penny(sweetie, and holy crap on a cracker).

  3. Nice episode again.
    You girls asked for ideas for the future episodes I got some:
    - character profile about the other characters who are left that means: Amy, Bernadette, Sheldon, Howard, Stuart
    - character profile about the moms of the show (Mrs Hofstadter, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Wolowitz)
    - episode about the gueststars (Leslie Winkle,Wil Wheaton, Kripke, Zack)
    - Season 6 (like the other Seasons: Top 5 episodes, favourite moments, lines)
    - an episode about the writers and producers of the show

    Hope you like some of my ideas.
    And thanks for answering my questions about Penny and the questions about Raj.

    I have one question for you about Season 5: Did you love the 100th episode? Was it a very special episode for you?

    1. We're already planning to do character profiles for the main characters, and for season six, but I personally really like your ideas about the moms and the writers!

  4. Another idea for an episode would be to explore in depth the shows relationships: Lenny, Shamy, Howdette and if you must for completion purposes, the imaginary Shenny