Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Season 5 on sale soon

Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory will be available in the US next week, on the 11th, but it looks like it's already been released elsewhere in the world.

Many of the special features are already being shared on youtube - such as the new blooper reel:

The same user on youtube has also uploaded most of the other special features from the DVD. Have you guys picked up your copy yet?


  1. Is this here in the US or across the pond? I ordered mine from Amazon earlier this year, and it still shows it to be shipping on 9/11. If it's now in the stores here in the US, I'd have to say that really sucks. :-(

    Then again, I can enjoy the blooper reel a week early, so that almost makes up for it. :-)

    1. Actually, you're right - it's not released in the US until next week. Looks like it's released on Amazon UK, though. I'd just assumed with these being updated, and today being Tuesday, that it was out this week.

  2. I live in the UK i bought it when it was out 3 days ago from amazon. watched pretty much all the episodes and cant wait to see the special features when i get the chance :)

  3. Hi Roxanne, i found spoilers of the 6x04 The Re-Entry Minimization:

    I hope that somebody could give us more information:)

  4. Roxanne, now that S5 is officially available on store shelves (in both DVD-only and Blu-ray/DVD combo packs), you might want to consider updating this topic. ;-) Also, a few people at the BBT Forums have reported that their store-bought copies (don't know which type) have two copies of disc 2 instead of discs 2 and 3; might want to make note of that (caveat emptor and all that).