Monday, May 31, 2021

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 213: The Tangerine Factor

 The cat's alive, let's go to dinner!

  • It's been two years since the series finale, so we reminisce a little
  • Melissa Rauch has been cast in a Night Court sequel series
  • It's the season one finale! Our discussion includes lots of talk about languages, methods of swearing on TV shows, light-years and parsecs, Schrodinger's Cat and probability, that kiss, and more!

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Running time: 1:38:38, 68.0 MB

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  1. Great show! I speaks Chinese, What Shelton said “show me…” it’s in fact Mandarin Chinese. I understood it the first time he spoke. He did have accents. Maybe for comedic effects, its a very strange line to be spoken, I assume it comes from a English translation of some kind. Because I have never heard anyone spoke such combination of words from a native Chinese speaker. But I still love it! Love your show by the way, I have been listening to you guys since 2016. Please keep making these. I do have a story about American show/ movie with Chinese references: firefly! I saw The movie Serenity with friends first, all the Chinese Characters in that movie are just random gibberish. I found that very offensive to my culture, and for that reason I did not watch Firefly the TV show until 2012. I gave the Firefly another shot in 2012 when it came on Netflix. And to my surprises, all the Chinese culture reference are very accurate. Every all the Chinese American actors spoke are quite Charming and great! It always makes me sad to see such a great show got canceled. After I finish the TV episodes I was able to watch the movie, still disappointed at Serenity, How can they be so careless in the film when the Chinese culture reference plays such major part. Sorry about the extra ranting, but I think it is relevant.