Monday, July 13, 2020

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 199: The Luminous Fish Effect

Glow in the dark tampons. That is all.
  • Congratulations to Melissa Rauch on the birth of her son, Brooks! She wrote an essay for Glamour about giving birth during a pandemic
  • Jim Parsons' new show, Hollywood, is up on Netflix
  • We answer questions from a listener - and talk about driving simulators, if there are any episodes we can't stand/skip over, and what languages we speak!
  • Was Sheldon wrong about caves? (Yes.) Will we ever have buffets again? The introduction of Dr. Gablehouser AND Mrs. Cooper! Plus, we're no mathmologists, but Sheldon's numbers don't add up. This plus more in our episode discussion!
Download here
Runing time: 1:16:45, 58.3 MB

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  1. Big bang buzzcast another episode is also released. Name of this episode is the luminous fish effect. When i see this effect for fish everything you guys can select is better and more for the released ideas are shared specially for those who never think about it.