Sunday, December 15, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 192: The Tenant Disassociation

Just a few more season 11 episodes left to cover!
  • How official was this Tenant's Association in the first place? How much lost potential was there in Leonard and Amy's friendship? Plus, we talk about problematic drones, reveal how little we know about Grey's Anatomy, and more!
Download here
Running time: 52:06, 32.7 MB


  1. Tenant disassociation is a TV show and all the episode of the TV show is here. So if you want to see ths show then you can easily start it without getting any trouble in You have to make them more if you want to get it.

  2. Thanks for all your effort girls! I loved the Howard/Raj scene in that episode. Their bromance is just wonderful. Some questions though and you can answer them whenever you find the time to do that: 1)Did you ever do a driving simulation like Sheldon did in Season 2? 2) Could you list your personal Top 10 or Top 12 episodes of the entire show? 3)Are there any episodes you just couldn`t stand at all? 4) When you rewatch the show would you left some episodes out? And the last question is an off toppic question: 5) Which languages do you speak next to your mother tongue English?