Monday, August 26, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 188: Top 5 of Season 12

Now that the season's done, it's time to pick favorites!
  • Roxanne talks about visiting the Big Bang Theory sets at their new home as part of the WB Studio Tour (and a brief chat with Brian Thomas Smith!)
  • The press preview of the sets started with a panel featuring Lore, Molaro, Holland, Wil Wheaton, and Brian Thomas Smith - watch it here!
  • Brian Thomas Smith revealed a few small details on twitter regarding a cut storyline with Zack
  • The trailer for the new Harley Quinn cartoon series, starring Kaley Cuoco, has been released 
  • We share and compare our top 5 episodes of the season!
Download here
Running time: 49:34, 39.1 MB

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