Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 186: The Change Constant & The Stockholm Syndrome

Twelve years, and we've reached the end. (But not of the podcast, surprise!) Here's all our thoughts on the pretty much perfect finale.
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  • In our discussion of the two part finale... A previously on that we actually liked! When in the year was this supposed to take place? (Time jump?) THE ELEVATOR. What we think of Amy's makeover, Penny (again) changing her mind, and much more!
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Running time: 2:03:51, 95.2 MB

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  1. This show is very close to my heart and the entire series is my favorite. However, some episodes fare better than others. When you’ve followed a series for a long time, it is correct that the ending should be emotional. And—this is only my opinion—the best way to milk audience emotion is to bow out in the same settings, with the same characters, and in similar situations to what the audience has enjoyed many times before.