Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 169: The Tesla Recoil

We weren't able to match up our schedules this past week to record an episode on The Paintball Scattering - and since that's the one we saw taped together in December, we really want to do that podcast together. So instead of one of us bringing you a solo episode, here's one from our season 11 backlog!

We'll be back soon to talk about the latest for season 12, with season 11 episodes scattered in among the new ones. Enjoy!
  • Did Amy really think Sheldon was showing empathy? When are high fives acceptable in bed? Was Ruchi too harsh on Raj? This plus more in our episode discussion - including some surprising emotion about Dumbo...
Download here
Running time: 29:13, 21.7 MB

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