Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 166: The Citation Negation

Can we get more of Denise? Please?
  • Young Sheldon is once again invading Big Bang Theory - and this article basically sums up our opinions
  • How little do we know about Fortnite? How old are millennials? What's up with the citations? Stuart or Howard? Our answers to these questions and more in the episode discussion!
Download here
Running time: 54:03, 38.7 MB


  1. I just want to say that I found the podcast through Roxanne's taping reports and I've been listening since the very start. When the show ends, can we get a podcast that is just the two of you talking about the world in general? You rock!

  2. Hi, Amy should be 37 right now (or in a few days, since her birthday is in December). In season 5 she said she'd been studying microbiology for 12 years, so 12+18 (years old) = 30. And since it's been 7 years since then, she's probably 37. I've never been sure about Bernadette's age, but she was 17 when the Spice Girls were big judging by the pageant video in season 8.