Monday, November 30, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 103: Spock Resonance & Mystery Date Observation

November ended up being unexpectedly busy for us, but we're back now to catch up on episode discussions! We've also recorded another podcast that includes news and The Platonic Permutation, and that will be up this week as well!
  • The Spock Resonance - Will the show ever actually give us a Howardette baby - and if not, is there any point in rehashing the issue between them? And despite the lack of references to Sheldon's restraining order, we liked the Spockumentary storyline!
  • The Mystery Date Observation - Would Sheldon ever seriously date someone other than Amy? Bernadette continues to be her tiny, adorable self. Plus we talk about a missed opportunity with Dave (and possibly a new ship?!).
Download here
Running time: 50:17, 23.1 MB

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