Sunday, October 4, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 98: The Separation Oscillation

I officially apologize for referring to Mandy as "fling chick."
  • Press release for The 2003 Approximation (9x04) - will we finally see a change in living arrangements?
  • Is there any good to be found in this Shamy breakup? How surprisingly awesome was Mandy Chow? What are our thoughts on this Leonard/Penny storyline now that they've reconciled? Why do so many shows insist on putting their endgame couples through breakups? All this and more in our episode discussion!
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Running time: 46:05, 21.2 MB


  1. What's funny is I always figured something had happened on the boat. There was just something about that scene that made me suspicious. But then I sort of assumed nothing had when they didn't bring it up for 2 years...

    1. To be clear- I agree with you that they did just randomly write it in. That's what's funny about it.