Thursday, March 19, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 87: The Leftover Thermalization

Big Bang Theory is heading into a short hiatus until April 2, so we'll be back with a new podcast the following week!
  • We listen to a couple highlights from Jim's Walk of Fame ceremony
  • Talking about the updated news on Howard's brother, and the possible implications
  • Pictures and press release for The Skywalker Incursion (8x19)
  • Scientific American interviewed Molaro about the science on the show
  • In the episode discussion, we talk about Sheldon's concern for Leonard, the role reversal between them, Roxanne tries not to cry, and Nicole almost has a meltdown over the melting food
Download here
Running time: 50:41, 23.3 MB


  1. Wonderful podcast!
    One question for Roxanne: Are you planning to go to a taping this season or do you go to a taping in Season 9 (for example next year for the 200th episode) ?

    1. I don't end up going to any tapings this season, but I would love to go for the 200th episode if I can make that happen!