Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 85: Anxiety Optimization & Comic Book Store Regeneration

We are very sorry for the delay since our last episode! It's been a busy month, and we just weren't able to make our schedules match. But we're finally back, with two episode discussions for you!
  • Molaro talked about the tribute episode for Carol Ann
  • Kunal is heading off-Broadway to "The Spoils" - a new comedy
  • Melissa's movie "The Bronze" will be in theaters in July (and if you haven't seen it yet, check out this video of 8-year-old Melissa)
  • Leonard Nimoy passed away
  • Sara Gilbert had a baby boy
  • Sheldon and Leonard will be making a road trip to see George Lucas
  • We talk about The Anxiety Optimization (also known as the Cinnamon or Emily episode!) and The Comic Book Store Regeneration (a very fitting farewell).
Download here
Running time: 1:05:27, 30.0 MB


  1. Wonderful podcast! And its no problem that it took some time.
    I try to find some ideas for the hiatus episodes.
    And even that I`m German I love the English language a lot. (had to learn it in school and I enjoyed it a lot). And I understand you guys really well accusticly. Oh and I`ve seen Leonard Nimoy live on stage about ten years ago at a convention and it was awesome. May he rest in peace. And I only post here or on fanforum or facebook (and I have Livejournal and MySpace too but I don´t use it a lot)´cause I`m not into twitter I`m sorry but its really not my thing. Anyway I love your podcast and I´ve listend to every episode so far.

    PS: I found you on facebook ´cause I`m there too. I subscribed Nicole. Love your profile picture with the horse btw. But I don`t have the guts to add you guys. We only know each other from the internet. But I sended Nicole a picture with me and Wil Wheaton on fanforum so she knows how I look like. Sorry for the off-toppic.

    1. *Joey Tribbiani voice* "I got my very own stalker!" ;) ;)

  2. I`m not a stalker.
    And forget that I ever asked.

    1. I promise you that neither of us think you are a stalker - Nicole was joking by referencing Friends. We're both still somewhat surprised that people actually enjoy listening to us on the podcast, and just think it's really cool when we get messages like yours.

    2. Like Roxanne said, it's a Friends reference. (Never take anything I say seriously when it's accompanied by " ;) ".) If we'd really be bothered by people finding us, we definitely wouldn't have mentioned how easy it would probably be to do so. :)

      (I'm not sure what it is you asked us, but if you were asking if you could friend us, I can't speak for Roxanne but it's totally fine with me, just drop me a message letting me know who you are.) Remember six years ago all Roxanne was to me was "some girl on the internet" and look how that turned out! :)

  3. Hi girls!
    To Nicole:Sorry that I missunderstood it.
    I love Friends too. And Joey is awesome love Matt LeBlanc he´s so funny.
    Let us smoke a virtual peace pipe and eat some vitual cookies and a virtual hot beverage. But not all at once *LOL* Yeah I meant a friends request on Facebook. I`m befriended with some people there who I know from forums. And if you´re fine with it than okay. I tell you who I am via message.
    Oh and kudos to your good impersonation of Bernadettes voice-
    I can do voices too. I trained the Mrs Wolowitz voice but I don`t try to speak too much like that or I need a lot of tea. And I can do George Takeis voice too. Its a funny hobby of mine.
    And more fun facts: I always wear a Sheldon Shirt (a T-Shirt he wore on the show). I own seven of them.
    And to Roxanne: Thats very sweet of you :) And you guys were so amusing on that podcast. Please keep laughing.

    And to booth of you: Thank god we cleared that up. Can`t wait for the next episode.