Monday, February 9, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 84: The Troll Manifestation

This episode was supposed to also include discussion of The Anxiety Optimization, but there was a weird recording glitch and we lost about 20 minutes - including that entire discussion. So here's what we were able to save, and we will talk about The Anxiety Optimization in our next episode!
  • Melissa's movie "The Bronze" premiered at Sundance
  • Simon's movie "We'll Never Have Paris" is now available to stream or download
  • Jim is going back to Broadway - and playing God
  • Nathan Fillion is guest starring as himself!
  • More info on the Carol Ann tribute episode (airing on February 19th), plus a press release and pictures
  • Serial Ape-ist, pageant video, fanfiction, and more Leonard/Sheldon - what more could we even ask for?
Download here
Running time: 29:46, 13.7 MB

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