Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 83: The Space Probe Disintegration

Where we talk about mugs, and space ashes... Oh, and the new episode!
  • Molaro talked to TVLine about upcoming episodes, including a tribute to Carol Ann Susi
  • Big Bang Theory took home Favorite TV Show, Favorite Comedic TV Show, and Favorite Comedic TV Actress (Kaley) at the People's Choice Awards
  • Also at the PCAs, there was a bit of a script mix up...
  • The Space Probe Disintegration - We talk about how the show handled the topic of religion, the continuing living situation issue, the one part where we felt the episode fell flat, and then everything else that we loved!
  • Bonus - Read about the New Horizon space probe that Raj worked on!
Download here
Running time: 45:06, 20.7 MB

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