Monday, April 7, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 56: The Indecision Amalgamation

Nicole flies solo again to discuss this week's hilarious episode!
Download here
Running time: 46:46, 21.5 MB


  1. I just wanted to say great job to Nicole for doing this by herself. I'm sure it was not easy but you did a fantastic job. I'm glad you enjoyed the butter scene as much as I did. :)

  2. Wonderful podcast as always!
    Glad you´ve enjoyed the episode as much as I did.
    And I agree: Mayim did a great job in the Shamy scene! She´s just wonderful! Love her too! And that woman deserves an Emmy this year or something is wrong. Oh and Simon Helberg also deserves at least a nomination for an Emmy. He´s so underrated thats not fair. And I have some questions for you:
    for Roxanne: What do you prefer: the Harry Potter books or the movies?
    for Nicole: Who´s your favourite villain on Star Wars and who´s your favourite good guy there?

    PS:If you have questions about Star Trek I`m your girl. It was the first science fiction ever that I watched so thats one reason why I love it so much. You know the frist thing you see you love the most. So I understand your love for Star Wars.

    1. For favorite villian, I'll say the original trilogy Vader. After he's gotten rid of his angry, boyish emotion and has embraced the villany and pushed the tragedy to the background, where it's still there, but less...less Anakin. And as for favorite good guy, I'd have to say Han Solo. It's close between him and Leia, since she's so tough and fiesty, but he wins just because of the humor there - him trying to blow out the fire the Ewoks had, tapping the storm trooper on one shoulder and then running the other way, his sarcasm in A New Hope ("The garbage chute was a REALLY WONDERFUL IDEA. What an incredible SMELL you've discovered!")

      And can you tell I'm Team Original Trilogy Is So Much Better? ;)

    2. Books over movies, 100%. I still adore the movies and the cast, and I was there at midnight in costume for them, but I will also (lovingly) mock them endlessly where they went wrong. (And sometimes not so lovingly when it's a change that was utterly stupid and pointless.) The books are where it all started, and there's SO MUCH MORE in the books that just couldn't make it into the movies because of time, and it makes me sad when I meet people who said they liked the movies but haven't read the books. (Or people who started the books but never finished them and just saw the last movies instead. THEY'RE MISSING OUT.)

  3. The butter scene was just hilarious, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time :D Mayim really did an awesome job!

  4. If by the title: "The Gorilla Dissolution" they intend to have Wil conflict the Penny/Leonard coupling...I'm officially upset. But I got upset when I thought the ShAmy coupling was endangered by "The Relationship Diremption", so, there's that...

  5. Topic for discussion in Buzzz #57: even realizing that BBT is a fictional world of characters, Does this season's "fix" of Raj's psychological problem of talking to women seem "real" to anyone? Deep seated traumas that manifest in that level or type of psychosis rarely totally disappear permanently and overnight...unless that person vents those repressed feeling by being a serial killer (lol, just kidding)...but the healing has gone a little too smooth for the beloved, but up to now, dysfunctional character this season in this respect, don't you think?