Wednesday, April 16, 2014

7x23 - The Gorilla Dissolution

It's the penultimate episode of the season! Read all about it here!


  1. If no one else will acknowledge this BBT twist, I shall...Yeah, Penny and Leonard,'s great news especially after I thought that they were going to use Wil to estrange this couple to start next season...I am thrilled that I was wrong..."Here, here!" to the writers

  2. ^^^ Ummm.... There's supposed to be no spoilers on this site. The girls (who do the podcast) don't read spoilers, they just post a link for those who like to read them.

    If you're able to erase your post you should try to do so, so no one else sees it.

    1. Usually I'll allow spoilers on comments to the taping report links, so people can discuss it here if they want. Actually, I just assume that comments to these posts will contain spoilers, so I don't read them until after the episodes air.

    2. (With this case being an exception, since I was at the taping last night and they showed us 7x23, so I now know what happens.)

  3. I agree with Nats.
    Spoilers are not really allowed to post here on the site. I know Nicole hates it when someone posts spoilers on tumblr on purpose. She blocks everyone who posts such a thing.
    I`ll write a message to Roxanne so that she can edit that spoiler post.

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