Sunday, March 30, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 55: The One with the Earthquake

Bringing you the usual news and speculation - served with an earthquake and a little bit of basketball.
  • Kaley Cuoco's in a new movie, "Authors Anonymous" - watch now on VOD and iTunes!
  • The Big Bang Theory cast was honored at this year's Night at Sardi's
  • The Indecision Amalgamation (7x19) press release and photos - We speculate on who the second woman is that Raj is dating - Lucy? Yvette? Someone new?
  • The Relationship Diremption (7x20) press release - Does Sheldon's problem with string theory have to do with recent real world discoveries? And does Howard have a history with Emily?
  • Listener question one - Has Shamy's relationship agreement been overused? And how much do we want to see a Shamy wedding?
  • Listener question two - Which Star Trek captain should appear on the show first?
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Running time: 54:28, 25.0 MB


  1. Sorry about being late on this but I saw a press photo for “The Anything Can Happen Re-occurrence” and there is Bob Newhart with the crew! What do you think that’s about? Is is written to be pre- or –post “The Proton Transmogrification”? Have fun…


  3. OK…on the picture, I just realized that Leonard has his beard in the picture, so, it’s me who feels like the nerd…I feel as bad as I did when I realized that Sheldon and Leonard’s first names are an homage to the great TV producer, Sheldon Leonard! It’s still a hard picture to really contextualize, timewise…

  4. a few things. first a clarification, when the person asking about Star Trek captains said "Sulu doesn't count", it was because in one of the movies Sulu was a captain (Christian Slater had a cameo as a member of his crew). The events of this movie were revisited in an episode of Voyager where Tuvok has a flashback (he was also on crew). However, while I can understand that Sulu "doesn't count" since he's not one of the "main" captains, I wonder why Kirk and Picard are the only options discussed, as there are 3 other captains from 3 other series.
    Second, if Shatner did make a guest appearance, I think a very subtle Priceline reference might be acceptable as long as the word "Priceline" wasn't used. I mean, think about it, Penny's an actress, Shatner's an actor, at some point he could very easily say to her something like "we should work on something together sometime, maybe a commercial".
    Third, I disagree with the hate for the roommate agreement. Yes, it might be a little overused at times, but I think that it's an important part of who Sheldon is as a person, just like his spot on the couch and compulsive door-knocking methodology. Us "normals" get by having unwritten rules, please remember to put the toilet seat down, let me know if we're low on milk so I can get some, put the wooden spoons in this drawer not that one, etc. Sheldon knows that humans are imperfect and 1) forget things, 2) don't always mean what they say, and 3) when confronted might deny a past verbal contract. The Roommate Agreement is his assurance that these things will be minimized, and resolved or at least confirmed if/when they happen. It doesn't need to be a plot point for an entire episode, but as a throw-away line every few episodes or so it helps to establish and maintain boundaries.

    1. Good points and clarification on the "Captains" issue...I simply think it would be a memorable moment if Sheldon and Leonard came up the stairs to see Mr. Shatner at Penny's door...even if that was the episode's exit shot and even without dialog it would work and be special

    2. I agree with you that the Roommate Agreement is fine for a throwaway line. But because it's been used as fuel for entire storylines of Leonard/Sheldon tension (The Large Hadron Collision, The Staircase Implimentation, etc) it's simply gotten old to me.

    3. And on your comment about why the other captains weren't discussed, both Roxanne and I have said - both in this episode and in previous ones - that we are not Star Trek people. Honestly, I didn't even know that there was any captain other than Kirk until it came up in TBBT.

  5. After this weeks episode I really had hope that they would bring Lucy back but after the press release of The Relationship Diremption it seems that I can burry my hope now :(
    I'm also a big Lucy fan (not only because I like Kate Micucci), I really think she and Raj are a perfect fit.