Monday, March 10, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 53: The Friendship Turbulence

Where we discuss The Friendship Turbulence, and go off on tangents. Lots of them.
  • Press release and promo pics for The Mommy Alternative (7x18)
  • Wil Wheaton is back on set this week! He's got a short blog post about being back here
  • We go off on a tangent discussing proposals and Proton and death
  • Answering a listener question about Sheldon and Amy
  • Discussing The Friendship Turbulence - Where did Raj cross the line? (And why doesn't he get better lines?) Is there a point to guest stars that we barely see? How adorable was that car scene? All this and more!
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Running time: 1:23:21, 38.2 MB


  1. For the podcast:
    Hi girls, liked the past few episodes now that Nicole's voice can clearly be heard. Although I do have a bone to pick regarding most of your predictions... Not counting Lisa Kudrow, your predictions usually turn out to be correct when people later watch the episode, and I finally started reading some spoiler pages which come from the forums... normally I don't like to be spoiled, but I thought what the hell, so I peeked. All the predictions you gave today, actually happen (example: Professor Proton's last appearance) according to the spoiler topics I read the other day prior to this podcast episode coming out today... It just leaves me feeling like all your predictions for the show are actually spoilers disguised as predictions. It's like one of Sheldon's lines at Stuart when Stuart tells him the newest episode of his favorite comic was out of this world. I vowed to stay away from the spoiler threads from now on, but please PLEASE don't give anymore "predictions". Let us all go into the podcast (and show) spoiler free. Thanks.

    2. Love the new layout for the blog

    3. Someone on another forum said the characters arent a represntation of real geeks or nerds ( Thoughts on that topic?


    1. 1. I promise you, neither of us read spoilers. Everything we know about upcoming episodes comes from either the press releases or the teasers in articles released by the large entertainment sites (such as TVLine or EW). I know I link to taping reports on this site - the site itself started so I could share my own taping reports - but we don't read them. I actually have a friend that sends me the links to the reports (so I don't have to scroll through the spoiler threads to find them myself), and then I don't read any of the comments posted in response to those posts here. On rare occasion one of us might accidentally be spoiled for something (I found out about the Shamy kiss the night the episode was taped thanks to twitter), but we try not to let that affect the discussion. (With the Shamy kiss situation, I didn't even tell Nicole what I knew - though I'm sure eventually she suspected - and after the episode aired I admitted I had been spoiled for that in advance.) When our speculations turn out to be right, it's just because we managed to fit the pieces together, and/or had a lucky guess - it has nothing to do with the spoiler information that may be available elsewhere.

      And that's why we have asked on the podcast before to please not confirm or deny any of our speculations in the comments here (as you did with Proton), because we don't want to know if we're right or not until the episode airs. We don't want our minds to be pre-blown either! We want to keep these comments spoiler free, for both our sake and the sake of any other listeners who are also avoiding spoilers, so they can read the comments without fear of finding out something they don't want to know.

      So all that said, we will continue making predictions, because they truly are predictions. A huge part of the fun in fandom is trying to guess what will happen next, and that's what we're doing. Sometimes we're right, sometimes we're wrong. But we're definitely not relying on spoilers for any of our guesses.

      2. Thank you! It was long past due for a change, and I'm glad you like it.

      3. Our answer to this can pretty much be found in Hope's podcast that we were guests on earlier this year ( - most of the episode is discussing the criticisms many have against the show, and what really qualifies as a geek/nerd/etc.

  2. First: “Bravo”, whatever hardware/software choices you made are workin’…good job!

    A reason to watch Jim on SNL is to watch his method as an actor. He is so good in the role of Sheldon that one might mistakenly think that is because Sheldon is an extension of Jim rather than an invention of his and the writers. I too like the musical number best but, perhaps one reason we were disappointed was that along the promo trail there was a mention of a “send up” of the BBT which never happened…THAT might have been funnier than the other material.

    One continuity question…Sheldon is a ‘steady state’ guy and we have heard nothing about the gang’s eating routine since Penny quit the CKF…given the frequency that they were there, wouldn’t Sheldon be having a hard time adjusting or does that speak to Sheldon’s maturing character?

    Last: Why have we not seen Yvette, (Tania Raymonde), since the VDay episode? A Kunal opportunity missed?...Be well!

  3. First off girls, I believe you about not reading spoilers. A lot of your predictions are very general, witch isn't a bad thing, but it also makes them more likely to be at least partly right. On this point I was wondering if you guys could dedicate part of next week's show to the methods you use to avoid spoilers? I remain spoiled partly because I always seem to come across spoilers even when I'm not looking, but truthfully I'm not trying hard to avoid them either. Do you guys have any little tips? ----Rosa----

    1. We actually talked quite a bit about how we avoid spoilers in episode 48 -

  4. Wow, I know this is kind of late as this podcast is a week old, but I wanted to comment on it because I found it hilarious. Nicole's sudden panic at the thought of Proton dying was hysterical. Your analysis of a "character" death in every season was also funny. Mike's ipod and the millions who were killed by Joy. Don't feel bad about shifting everything towards Lenny because I shift things towards Shamy. It's hard not to naturally think about your favorite couple. And finally I have no problem believing Amy is hardcore into quilting. I don't understand why people have a hard time believing that. Thanks for the great podcast! :)

    1. Well, I'm glad you found that panic as hilarious as Roxanne did! :)