Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 52: The Table Polarization

Who knew that one table could lead to so much drama?
  • Looking at the press release, promo pics, and commercial for The Friendship Turbulence
  • Discussing The Table Polarization - where Leonard and Penny should just get their own apartment already, the Roommate Agreement is possibly overused, we come up with a new parody, and all three storylines end right back where they started.
  • We transition into looking at the season as a whole - have we gone too far with too few developments or changes this season?
Download here
Running time: 53:39, 24.6 MB


  1. One thing I have asked myself for a long time now: Why does Raj not just grab another chair instead of sitting on the floor? Especially at the end of this episode I don't understand why he sits on the floor again when he could easily grab one of the new chairs.