Sunday, January 19, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast guests on Hope of All Trades

In December, Nicole and I were guest hosts on a special Big Bang Theory episode of the Hope of All Trades podcast, and that episode is now up for you to listen to!

Here's a summary from Hope of what you'll find in the podcast:
In this episode of Hope of All Trades, I tackle Big Bang Theory with special guests Nicole and Roxanne from Big Bang Buzz Podcast! We breakdown all the main characters and some of our favorites guests. We also discuss a wide variety of other topics like how to go to a Big Bang taping, deer, what we would like to see in coming seasons, the romance of John Barrowman and Wil Wheaton, and much more!

We also ask the hard hitting questions:
  • While comparing sports fans and comic book fans, we ask whether or not they’re different. Don’t both love their respective fields with equally as much passion?
  • Why do people compare some hobbies to others making them “better” than other things?
  • Isn’t Penny a geek? She’s just as passionate about theatre and acting as the guys are about comics and Star Trek. Shouldn’t she be considered a theatre geek? She’s excited about shoes. Wouldn’t that make her a fashion geek?
  • Why in our society are there tiers of geekiness where some fans consider themselves better fans?
Head over to Hope's website to download and listen!

Unfortunately, I won't have our regular weekly podcast up for you tonight because I've been sick all weekend and not up to editing it, so hopefully this will help tide things over until I can get it up.


  1. This was such a great podcast to listen to! I just love the way you guys just understand this show on a really intense level.

  2. Not one, not two, but three eloquent expressive women
    speaking about constructive obsession, passion, love, science, entertainment, humor and more for not one, not two, but three whole hours!!! Thank you!