Monday, January 6, 2014

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 44: The Hesitation Ramification

We're back with our first podcast of the year, and there's a lot to go over!
  • Congratulations to Kaley on her New Year's Eve wedding!
  • Looking at the press release and promo pictures for The Occupation Recalibration (7x13) - is Penny being smart with her career choices?
  • Chuck Lorre gave a special shout-out on this week's vanity card
  • Big Bang Theory, Jim, and Mayim voted among the Best of 2013 at
  • The whole cast will be attending the People's Choice Awards this Wednesday
  • We share your answers of what you want to see happen on TBBT in 2014
  • The Hesitation Ramification - Did the episode try to squeeze too much in? How seriously is Penny taking her acting ambitions? And how adorable was Bernadette? We delve into these questions and the proposal we wanted but not quite like this and much more!
  • (And our wish for a parallel Leonard/Penny rose gifset has already been answered!)
Download here
Running time: 1:06:34, 30.6 MB

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  1. I was wondering how satisfied you girls are overall with the couple progression over the last year. We havent gotten a big Lenny moment since Penny said I love you or Shamy since their rollplay sex or Howadette since their wedding basicly. It seems the relationships are dragging their feet a bit.