Monday, December 9, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 41: The Discovery Dissipation

Discussing The Discovery Dissipation - the middle of the Zack sandwich.
  • Love from the UK for The Romance Resonance - "America’s favourite sitcom is now its best too"
  • Big Bang Theory is included in a cute CBS holiday promo
  • Wheaton wrote a short blog entry on being in this week's episode (plus - bonus Wheaton pic)
  • Two listener questions - Is Sheldon whinier this season? Also, is the show building up to something big?
  • Nicole was underwhelmed by The Discovery Dissipation, while Roxanne liked it more than she was expecting
  • Really we're both just excited for next week - Zack AND Mrs. Cooper! Check out the press release and promo for The Cooper Extraction (7x11)
Download here
Running time: 45:36, 21 MB

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