Sunday, November 3, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 36: Holidays, Mysteries, and the Photoshoot that Won't Die

Although there wasn't a new episode of Big Bang Theory this week, we still found plenty to discuss in this week's podcast!
  • Longer promo for the next episode, The Proton Displacement
  • Press release for The Itchy Brain Simulation - Will there be any resolution with Lucy? Is this the episode Johnny mentioned that looks at Leonard and Sheldon's friendship?
  • Confirmation that we're getting a Thanksgiving episode - The Thanksgiving Decoupling! (7x09)
  • Release of a Big Bang Theory Christmas DVD set
  • We speculate over a mystery press conference - is a renewal announcement coming soon?
  • Roxanne answers a listener question about other shows she's seen taped, and Nicole answers one about the ending of The Fish Guts Displacement
Due to vacation plans, we probably won't have a podcast up next week, but check our twitter for details in case we can squeeze something in! Nicole will be podcasting solo this coming week, so keep an eye our for what she thinks on Proton vs Nye!

Download here
Running time: 45:49, 21.1 MB

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