Monday, October 21, 2013

Big Bang Buzzcast Episode 34: The Workplace Proximity

Two couples hit rocky water in this week's episode, and here's what you'll find us talking about:
  • Big Bang Theory's ad rates are second only to the NFL
  • Team Chuck Lorre (including Steve Molaro) among the Power Showrunners
  • Looking at the press release and promo pics for The Romance Resonance (7x06) - plus Kaley's Instagram teaser
  • Johnny talks about an upcoming look at Sheldon and Leonard's friendship
  • Penny's setting up Raj with a Lizzy... but is it possible we already know her?
  • Answering a Listener Question - Have you noticed that the apartment flag on the fridge is upside down?
  • We feel deceived by the promo pics that the laser/balloon scene was so short
  • Was Leonard and Penny giving Sheldon advise supposed to be another parent/child implication?
  • Is Sheldon's progression in his relationship with Amy going too slow?
Download here
Running time:  54:44, 25.1 MB


  1. I forgot to say thank you last week for answering my question. I enjoyed listening to your opinions about going to tapings. I have a bunch of different questions in my head, some more thought provoking then others, and I'll continue to ask them until you tell me to stop. If you don't like the question, just don't answer it, I won't be offended. I was thinking about this one last week, mostly because this is how I became a fan of the show in January this year.

    Question: If you started watching the show today, though watching re-runs on TV out of order, until you pretty much saw them all. Finally you broke down, bought all the DVD's, and watched them again in order. How do you think your opinion of the show would change? Favorite episodes, least favorite episodes, favorite ship, least favorite ship, etc.....


    1. We love getting your questions! And I hope you don't mind my long, rambling, let's-bring-in-other-shows-as-examples answers, because you'll definitely be getting one of those for that question! :)